Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A few more photos

My friend Dave Deem sent me a few more photos of our Useppa trip.

Egret waiting for dinner

You can feel the power when you can stop traffic to make them open the bridge for you.

No we are not mad at each other

White Pelicans

Now she is happy

I keep telling Dave that the fish bite better when the shinny thing is in the water

Dave still not listening to me

Charlotte Ann - Dennis O'Connor's boat

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Touching base

It has been a while since I last posted, but unless something of interest happens there is no sense in boring you.
Today we took a day cruise with two other couples to Useppa Island. This is a private island and the only way you can visit here is to be a club member or the member of a club having reciprocal privileges. The marina we are staying at is a member so we have the opportunity to visit. The island's history goes back tomindian inhabitants, the civil war and also government occupation during some wars. In later years it used to be a fish camp for tarpon. Tarpon are the most spectacular fish to catch. They can run as big as over 200 lbs and have been known to accidentally jump into a boat. They are strictly catch and release. They migrate up to this area in May and Boca Grande has a huge tournament at that time.
Useppa eventually was bought by several people and has since become what it is today. There are very few homes and each has a wonderful view of the water. The island was hit pretty hard in 2004 by hurricane Charlie and many of the homes were destroyed as well as the collier Inn, but the owners rebuilt and it remains a great destination while cruising.

Trying on some threads on a visit to Boca Grande

This is Ginny Jess's sister wife while cruising

Illusions at the dock at Useppa

Dave Deem and I literally sitting on the dock by the bay

This is Denny O'Connor an interesting guy and his wife Charlotte. They have been married 50 years. You can tell by the way they posed for the picture. Dennis started as an electrician, then a plant manager for GM and then a medical doctor. A good friend to have. In one visit he can fix your switch, organize you and take your blood pressure.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Anchored out at Cayo Costa

Cayo Costa is one of the nicest Florida State parks that we have visited. This is a well protected anchorage. You can dingy to their dock and walk the trails and make your way to the Gulf of Mexico. This beach is known for collecting many shells as well as shark teeth.

Anchored and Rafted


We made it to shore and did a bit of exploring. We are all still friends!