Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Adventure Begins

This will be a short one. We are on a 12 day trip through the North Channel. This is just north of Lake Huron and is actually part of it. The scenery is supposed to be spectacular, as is the cruising. We trailered the boat up and launched in a town called Little Current. Before getting here we stayed overnight in Niagara Falls, NY. It was just a short ride to go see the falls on the New York side. People say the Canadian side is better, but having been to the Canadian side as a kid, I thought it was great to see the Canadian falls in the distance while being up close to the New York falls. Jess was never there so this was a new experience for her. 
We left Niagara at 5:00am to start our leg to Little Current. We wanted to avoid the Toronto traffic and even leaving that early there was a bit we encountered, but we didn't lose any time. Once you get out of the city it is real country traveling up north. Towns are far apart and services can be scarce, so planning fuel stops is definitely in order, especially since we use diesel and are trailering a boat. This gives us a total length of 58 feet. You just can't get into any station and you don't want to be on the wrong side of the pump. Usually Jess will get out before we enter the station and scout out the location of the pump and then guide me in. 
So after launching the boat, provisioning and then repositioning to the town docks, we are relaxing after a great dinner at the local restaurant called the Anchor Inn.

The New York Falls

The Canadian Falls in the distance.

In love again at the falls.