Sunday, March 3, 2013

Relocated to Lighthouse Point

We have left Palm Island Marina and are now on the East Coast in Lighthouse Point. The Town of Lighthouse Point is adjacent to Boca Raton and Pompano Beach. It is a very nice community and our marina, The Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club, is convenient to most shopping. The East Coast is very different from most of the West Coast. It is very busy and built up. Perhaps the West Coast learned from the planning and zoning “errors” of the East Coast.
This marina is well appointed and has everything one would need and want. Although it is a private club they allow us visitors (also known as transients) use of the facilities and partake in events. Somehow the term transient reminds me of people in flop houses in Manhattan who wait at soup lines for meals. Sometimes criminals on shows like Law & Order and NCIS are transients in one of those hotels. Actually when you look at our boat among the others we are near,  we are “THE TRANSIENTS”. I expect them to ask us to wear bells so that people will know to stay clear of us when walking the docks. Kidding aside the people are very friendly and welcoming. One great thing is no one stops and starts asking about our boat like they always did every day at our last marina. I have a feeling they may stop by and give us food and clothes and offer to take us to the free medical clinic.
We will be staying here for a month and will keep you posted if anything of interest arises. Below are some pictures of the marina.


Other shot of pool with Tiki Bar in background

Like the book Where's Waldo the people here play Where's ILLUSIONS

There she is

Our dock, Where's ILLUSIONS

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