Monday, March 10, 2014

Marathon to Boca Chita

We spent a week in Marathon at the Blackfin resort. Hardly what one would call a resort, but a real nice convenient place. The people are nice, it is within walking distance to the food store, Home Depot and other facilities one may need. When traveling by boat certain things one takes for granted be come special. Being close to a store is a special treat. A simple task of getting groceries can take several hours depending on where you are. Planning food and supplies depending on where you are going to be is critical. We always carry canned and dried food in case we run out of fresh food. 
Our buddy boat friend, Rich Odendahl is a runner and saw there was a run at Key Colony, a nice section of homes and beaches in Marathon. So we went with him and watched the race. He won second for his age group and received a medal! We also got to meet Rich's father  and a friend who flew down to meet us for the day. 
After Marathon we worked our way up to Key Largo anchoring one night in Islemorada on the way. We visited the Pro Bass Shop there by dingy and then scooted over to Loreli's for a drink and then back to the boats for dinner. 
The next day we made it to Key Largo mid afternoon. We stayed at Pennekamp Park, which is a state park that offers, snorkel trips to the reef, swimming and camping. It is also we situated for stores and supplies. We stayed for 5 days and are now at Boca Chita. This is a real nice spot, but can get pretty crowded and loud on weekends. We planned it to get here late afternoon, but it was still somewhat crowded and we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a spot at the sidewall to tie up. As the sun set the majority of people left and we had the place to ourselves for the night. Today we head to Miami to anchor our again and then on to the Lauderdale area for about a week.

Stay tuned.
Sombrero reef. Some of the best snorkeling and diving around!

Looking across the way while at Boca Chita. 

Drinks at Loreli's

In Key Largo "Keysing" with Cheryll Odendahl having a drink at our usual happy hour.

Every place we go this guy shows up! We are being stalked! 

You can see military helicopters in the distance. Obama was visiting Ocean Reef club. We suspect they were security circling the area. 

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