Saturday, July 16, 2016


After Montague Harbour we motored our way to Ladysmith. Ladysmith is an old mining and lumber town with a population of 8,500 people. What a great place! The marina was the best so far, $1.35 per foot the first night and $1.00 per foot thereafter, even if you leave and come back. Showers are free and impeccably clean facility, but donations are accepted. It is a short walk, well maybe a little longer than short, uphill to the town. The hills remind me somewhat of San Francisco. All the shops are great and you can’t miss the Old Town Bakery. Cinnamon buns the size of bricks! Okay we agree to buy two, split one and save the other for tomorrow. Yeah right! We ate both. So much for our responsible eating. The 49th parallel grocery has plenty to offer. After shopping they will drive you back to the marina. Our one-night stay turned into three. How could we leave a town so quickly that has a bus driver who knows the names of all the passengers and even the names of their dogs. When we asked him to explain the schedule his reply was, “Oh, I can’t even understand it”, where do you want to go, I’ll just drop you off.

We had another surprise by being able to attend the Maritime Society Dinner held every two weeks. We had tried to get tickets earlier, but they were sold out. Later in the day the marina desk clerk asked Jess if we were spontaneous. Jess of course said yes! They had a cancellation and we were in. We also happened to sit with the director of the society and before you know it, it was announced that we have guests who are attending that have come the furthest than any other, Mike & Jess Rizzo. Our picture was taken and we are supposed to be in the next newsletter. 

A bit of an uphill walk from the marina. The good part is that you pre-burn calories from the cinnamon buns and it is a downhill walk on the way back.

The Trans Canadian Highway passes through town. 

Side Ties at the dock. Easy in and easy out.

Today we eat Carbs! Oh yeah, Fresh bread too! 

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