Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The end is almost near

Since Georgetown we have gone to Charleston, SC and we are now in Beaufort, SC. Charleston, SC is one of the best places to visit. They absolutely cater to tourists. We had a free trolley from our marina to the city and when you get there, there is a free trolley to take you anywhere you want to go. We spent three nights there and didn't see it all. A definite place to visit again. As we traveled down to Beaufort, SC we saw wonderful picturesque settings and tons of dolphins swimming by our boat. We stayed at one anchorage that was spectacular, Upper Rock Creek. It was our little piece of heaven on earth. Below are some highlights of our stay in Charleston and our anchorage. 
The trip is winding down and we anticipate arriving in Savannah, GA on November 14th. after a few days there we will be pulling the boat and leaving it there for our return after Christmas.

Where's Waldo? You can just about see our boat with the green hull  behind the submarine. This was our marina in Mt. Pleasant, which is right over the bridge from Charleston.

This is the aircraft carrier Yortown. A great exhibit of planes and life on a carrier during WW II. We also got to tour the USS Laffey, " The Ship that wouldn't die". It was attacked by 22 kamikaze planes in a horrific battle. To learn more and see videos of the attack go to www.laffey.org

We also visited Ft. Sumter. This Fort was where the Civil War started. The Union troopes stationed here were  bombarded by the the south destroying much of the fort. You can see in this photo one of the shells fired that landed and embedded in the wall.

We also visited the Citidel know as one of the premiere military schools of the south. Here are Jess & Becky standing in front of their stadium.

After a day of cruising you go a bit crazy when you set the anchor. Here is Dun and I on top of his boat taking in the view.

Panoramic view at anchor. Just love it!

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