Sunday, November 17, 2013

The End

Well we made it! Six hundred and thirty six miles from Urbanna, VA to Savannah, GA and 80.1 hours of travel time. 
We are in Savannah now seeing the last of the sights. Tomorrow, time to get back to reality. Today we prepare to leave, clean the boat, decide what to take back with us, straighten things out and prepare for having the boat pulled in the morning. 
Our stay in Beaufort, SC was great. Another town with rich history of the south and the Civil War. Beaufort and Savannah have been used for scenes in many movies over the years. We visited the Mercer House which was used and the actual place of a murder which was highlited in the movie of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" . Plenty of shopping and walking along the waterfront and small squares throughout the city. We were fortunate to be here during a large celebration throughout the city. Many of the squares had a ton of activity taking place from cookouts to music, book sales and artists displaying their works. We passed by Bobby Deen who was promoting one of his books. No thank you Mr. Deen, I wasn't impressed with you food the last time I was here. 
So now after I finish this we take a small hiatus and enjoy family and friends up north for the holidays, go back on diets drink less wine and prepare for winter in Florida. 
See you on the next trip!
Mike & Jess

Water tower on site at Paris Island

A sailboat at the docks we were staying at in Beaufort, SC

The lighthouse at Hunting Island 
The lighthouse at Harbortown on Hilton Head Island

One of the many shops in Savannah. Here, for a mere $140.00, you can buy a Wizard of Oz doll.

Cooking barbecue on the square. These egg barbecues are very expensive, but I am told they last forever. They were on sale for an event special for $1,200. 

Jess, Patti and I enjoying lunch at Six Pence Pub. Another movie sight for the filming of " Something to Talk About" with Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid. Patti is our "go to girl" while in Savannah. Can't beat her Southern Hospitality! She even made us a low country boil. Now that's hospitality.

And finally, Dun and Becky our traveling companions for a whole month. See all that money hanging on the walls? That's how we afford these trips. When no one is looking we pick them right off the walls. Not!

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