Sunday, August 3, 2014

South Benjamin Islan

It was a short run from Little Current to South Benjamin Island, about 17 nautical miles. Every time you think you found a great place to anchor a better one comes along. Now we have to say that this is one of the best we have experienced. The water is crystal clear and fresh. Making your way to shore is a simple ride on the dingy. Shore is all pink granite. As we made our way up to the top of the hill we picked wild blueberries and took in the 360 degree panoramic view of the area. After getting back to the boat we took a dive in the water and freshened up. The water was 71 degrees. A bit cold to the human body, but excellent with a little soap and a plunge underwater. After a small lunch we gunk holed around in our dingy and came upon a Ranger Tug on the north side, Cathy and Greg of "Santalina". We chatted with them for a bit and then headed back to ILLUSIONS to get ready for appetizers and cocktails with Jim & Lisa Favors who are on Kismet. 
Now you may be wondering about the coincidence of all these Ranger Tugs meeting. Well, we are having a Rendezvous at week end and several boats arrived early to explore the area, so hence a proliferation of tugs. 
We had a great evening of conversation and laughs over dinner on Kismet. It gets dark here a bit later than Rhode Island. Just about 9:15 the sun was all the way down and darkness was upon us. It was time to close up the windows to keep the mosquitos out of the boat and a good time to catch up on reading and get lulled to sleep by the pure quietness around us. 

ILLUSIONS & Kismet tied off in a cove at South Benjamin Island. 

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