Thursday, August 7, 2014

Update since last post

Well it has been a few days since our last post and now that I have Internet service here is what we have been up to . After South Benjamin we headed for Baie Fine ( Pronounced Bay Finn). Baie Fine is the only Fijord in Canada. It is truly a magnificent journey all the way to the end. Both sides are steep cliffs of white granite. At the very end is a spot refered to as the pool. A beautiful anchorage surrounded by the Lacroche Mountain Range. We set out in our dingy to shore and followed a path up the mountain for about 20 minutes. Once at the top there is a huge lake called Lake Topaz. The water is a topaz green and it is a great spot to dive off rocks and refresh yourself after the walk.
After an early morning breakfast we pulled anchor and headed to covered portage cove. Pulling anchor was quite a feat. The pool bottom, although mud, is also full of weeds. Every few feet I had to clear them from the rode and remove one big huge clump at the end of the anchor. 
Portage Cove is a short distance from the town of Killarney, so we anchored in the cove and then took the dingy across for an experience of the town. Herbert  Fisheries is the best I have eaten. The fish is caught fresh every day and cooked to perfection. The French fries are the best I have had. 
We took a slow ride back to Little Current today after going back to Killarney in the boat. We spent the morning taking in the local flavor and sights. 
Our trip ends with a Ranger Tug Rendesvous. Fourteen boats will be in attendance and it is a great time with great people who share stories of their adventures and help one another with ideas and specifics about their boats. I won't bore you with the rendezvous, so until next time, Arrivederci!

Entering Baie Fiene

A vail of weeds pulling anchor in  the pool

Well worth the walk from the pool to Lake Topaz

People line up at Herbert Fisheries for some great food.

It is hard to get a picture of your entire surroundings while in Covered Portage, but imagine this all around you. 

As big as the oceans are the boating community is small. Here I am with Harry and Carolyn House who we originally met in Florida. They are doing the Loop and planned on making it to the Ranger Tug Rendezvous, but here they were in Killarney and we bumped into them on line at Herbert Fisheries.

As you enter Covered Portage you will notice the outline of an Indian chief's head. This is a natural formation and actually several layers of rock behind one another that cause this illusion. 

The water here is so clear that Jess was able to take a picture from shore and you can see her shadow  through the water. 

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