Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lotsa Locks and no bagels

We have been movin on down the river. Many of you have seen my lock video and have seen the aura of locking. There can be a dark side though. The locks on this River system are fairly new as compared to the locks up north. The walls, comparitively speaking, are in great shape and relatively clean, but there are some locks that get an infusion of debris that build up because the doors opening and closing and things getting pushed in by the barges. Using a technical term, it can get quite yucky! Below are some pictures of experiences we have had along the way. 

Having a drink and some beer after a hard day of cruising!
Big tug, little tug. I installed special equipment on the boat that allows me to see these big tows on my chartplotter well before I can see them by eye. I get all their contact information, size of boat, speed, direction and distance. The tow operators are very friendly and appreciative when you call them in advance and ask how they would like you to pass. Usually you ask, " on the one whistle or two whistle side"? When radio communication is not possible the passing vessel is done with your horn, one blow of the horn is passing  with them on your port and two blows of the horn is with them on your starboard, hence the term whistle. Very simple and no confusion. We all understand. As you can see I need to be more concerned then him when passing. 

Lock Yuck!

Our partner boat ROAM anchored for the evening. 

We stopped in Columbus, Mississippi and went to town. Tennessee Williams used to live in this house as a child. This gentleman was visiting and believe it or not he lived in the house before Tennessee Wiliams. We had a nice chat and he told us about his life living here as a 13 year old boy back in 1939.
Whole in Columbus we also visited the Freedom Cemetary. Many unknown rebel soldiers are buried here as well as local people. We happened upon this grave which is the poet Sahra Teasdale's. 

As they say, nothing is free in life. We got to use the marina courtesy van, but as you can see, we were also the advertisement.

We visited the battle grounds of Shiloh where over 23,000 soldiers killed, lost or wounded in a 2 day period. This is a Cemetary on the site. A must see exhibit when in the area.

There is always something different to see on the River. And did I tell you we always seem to have phone service!

This is the Bevill lock visitor's center. Unfortunately it was closed, but it has a complete display on the construction of the locks and the waterway system. I guess we will have to do some research on the web 

This was a spot during our Shiloh tour. We had to take a picture in honor of Jess's maiden name. 

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