Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Adventure Begins

Our fall repositioning trip is underway. As many of you know, we are doing what is known as the Great American Loop. This is a trip that goes up the East Coast, Hudson River, then any of the many canals that head west, the Great Lakes to Chicago, then the Missisppi to the Tennessee, the Tom-Bigbee River to Mobile, AL , crossing the Gulf of Mexico to Tarpon Springs, FL, down to Key West and then back to where you started on the East Coast. Our choice has been to do this in pieces over several years. Some people do it in one trip, which can take anywhere from 8 months to a year or more. 

On this Trip we will be starting on Kentucky Lake, which is on the Tennessee River and will be going to Mobile, AL. The boat trip will be 640 miles and about 5 weeks. We will go through 12 huge locks on the way down. These rivers are used by commercial barge traffic and are very circuitous at times. Some of the barges can be 20 long and two wide, so getting out of their way is important! They stop for no one. 

The last 3 days have been all about getting the boat to Kentucky Lake, launching it and then getting our rig to the destination point in Mobile. We then rented a car in Mobile and drove back to our starting point. A definite brain exercise to get all the moving parts to work in sync. Our friends, Rich and Cheryll are joining us on this trip. Today we start the real trip. 

So sit back in the comfort of your home or office and join us for a ride through the south!

Sunrise on Kentucky Lake

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