Friday, June 10, 2016

The Pacific Northwest

Sorry I have not posted in a while, but no need to bore you with a similar trip so I did not post any of our winter trip this season. However, we start a new adventure. This one will be part land and part sea, a "Surf & Turf" type trip. We are towing the boat to the Pacific Northwest and will be cruising the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands and Victoria BC. Perhaps Alaska, but we don't think time will allow for that. We will be launching the boat out of Everett, WA and expect to arrive there on June 26th. 

Our road trip will consist on making stops in Nashville, St. Louis, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Hayden lake, ID, Kent, WA and then Everett, WA. Kent, WA is the birthplace of ILLUSIONS. We plan on visiting our friends at the factory and get a tour of how the process goes in making dreams come true. 

We left early yesterday morning from Placida, Florida and made a stop in Forsyth, GA. We left there early today and plan on staying two nights in Nashville, TN. Perhaps we hit it right, or maybe we didn't, this is the Country Music Festival weekend. They expect 70,000 people to arrive. Luckily the campground we are staying at has a shuttle to and from the city so it should be easy access for us.

I believe I have mentioned it before, but when we tow the boat we stay at campgrounds. It is actually much easier than going in and out of hotels and parking the rig in tight places. We have a galley and sleeping right behind us. Why move into a hotel room? A fellow tug owner friend of ours coined the phrase "Boaterhoming".

So you have the easy part, just sit back at your computer and click on our blog and enjoy the next adventure without leaving your home.

Three loads like this of clothing and supplies. Honey, do you really need 10 pairs of shoes? Just kidding, Jess does well with packing.

You have to stop at a fresh peach stand in Georgia. And you may as well pick up some tomatoes also!

Our first stop in Forsyth. Nice people, they made us some home made chocolate chip cookies. The best I ever had and they were four inches in diameter. Are we in Georgia or Texas?

Early morning departure from Forsyth. We wanted to get a jump on traffic through Atlanta and beat out the 70,000 people heading to Nashville.


  1. Sounds like a great start to an exciting adventure! Can't wait to hear more. Miss you. Love, Jenna

  2. Glad you are back on the road and reporting high lights. Look forward to your postings. Chic & Lin