Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yellowstone - don't miss it!

I have now been to Yellowstone four times. My first time was 40 years ago and it hasn’t changed since. Each time you go you see something different and it is just as exciting as being there the first time. After towing the boat through the Absaroka Mountain Range at altitudes exceeding 8.000 feet we made it to the east entrance of Yellowstone Park. Minutes later we were stopped dead in our tracks by a Big Horn Sheep. He stood there just staring and then meandered away. A nice way to start our Yellowstone adventure. From the east entrance to Bridge Bay Marina, where we launched the boat, was another 30 miles of driving with additional increase in altitude. The speed limit in much of the park is between 25 to 45 mph. Even at 45 mph you can miss something so the slower the better.
Once we arrived at the ranger station at Bridge Bay I had to have the boat inspected for invasive aquatic species.  Primarily they are looking for zebra mussels that can really screw up the eco system. I was cleared to launch and we traveled for a minute to the slip.
For the next two days we took in the sites and animals of Yellowstone. Yellowstone was our first National Park and probably the greatest. In some sections you feel like you have gone back to the prehistoric age and in others you are in awe of the natural beauty. Every time I travel out west I imagine the settlers and their trip cross country for their pot of gold. I cannot believe what they had to endure to go west. They were truly remarkable people. Everyone should have Yellowstone on their bucket list. At 2.2 million acres and technically a volcano ready to blow you should get there ASAP before it is too late.

Below are just a few of the things we got to experience in Yellowstone.

A view as we idle on Yellowstone lake in our boat
Black bear on log resting in the afternoon
Coyote doing his early morning hunt

The upper falls of Yellowstone Canyon

Male elk grazing in the woods
Grizzly foraging in the grass
Mammoth springs. Extremely hot water running down .
No explanation needed
Old Faithful. Not the largest geyser in the park, but the one that can
be consistently predicted as to when it will erupt. 
The Yellowstone river 
The diversity of beauty is amazing
Bison mother and calf


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