Saturday, January 5, 2013

Down by the docks of Welaka

Today was what we were waiting for, a beautiful ride down a stretch of the St. John's River that is pristine. The section we went up is called Murphy's Creek and is an offshoot of the river. This creek has some nice anchorages and plenty of wildlife. We saw three bald eagles, blue heron, egrets and anhinga. Unfortunately no alligators, but I am sure we will get to see some soon. Welaka is a small town and has inviting town docks that are free to stay at or two days. One night is enough. There is a small cafe just up from the docks that has spectacular food. All home cooked, even the rolls. Some of the best food we have eaten. The Town has little to offer, but the people are nice and the place is clean. There is a fish hatchery/aquarium that was interesting to visit, but 15 minutes and you are done. Below are some photos of the day.

Picture one is a local fishing at the docks for whatever comes along.
Picture 2 is, you guessed it, pelicans.
Picture 3 is a bit more exciting. If you can see it, that is a bald eagle.
Picture 4 is what we woke up to this morning..

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