Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Sarasota

The trip from Bimini Bay was uneventful. We saw a few dolphins off our bow and some white pelicans. These birds are much nicer looking than your typical brown pelican. Their eating habits are a bit different than the brown pelican. They do not dive for their food, they swim along and eat what they can catch. They also congregate in large groups. There is one spot on Sarasota bay that the channel is very narrow and can get very shallow if you go out of it. It reminded me of a stretch very famous for being narrow near Fort Myers called the Miserable Mile. In my opinion this stretch was worse.
Today we will be visiting the botanical gardens in Sarasota with our friends Becky and Dun Smith. They are returning from a two week cruise throughout the caribbean. They have a 12 hour layover before going back to CT so we figured a little excursion with us was in order.
Tomorrow we will go to the Ringling Museum and will report back on what we saw. I bet you can't wait!
Below are two pictures one is a visitor we had as we woke up anchored out in Bimini Bay. The other is a large statue near the marina called "Unconditional Surrender" this statue has caused a bit of controversy among the people of Sarasota, some love it others hate it. You can look it up on line and get the full details. You can see in the picture that Jess did a bit of investigative work. I won't tell what she found out, but to all you guys out there it was amazing.

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