Friday, January 18, 2013

On the move

Our next destination is Sarasota. We left St. Pete. around 1:00pm and had to cross Tampa Bay. We stayed an extra day in St. Pete because of weather and in retrospect we would have been better off leaving yesterday. Weather reports seem to never be as accurate as one hopes for. The winds were blowing worse today than predicted for yesterday. We survived though. This boat handles the seas well. We have been in some pretty rough seas before. Last year while leaving Key West we hit some 7 foot seas for a while and everything was flying all over. I had all to do to stay in my helm seat. Today we had following seas that went as high as 3 feet. Sometimes following seas can be more dangerous than head seas, but experience helps to deal with all types of conditions. We have stopped and anchored in a protected cove for the night before getting to Sarasota. Anchoring out is one of the most peaceful and pretty at times. Tonight we are sitting among many homes so the scenery is not very natural, but at least we are protected.
Below is a picture of us approaching the Sunshine Highway Bridge. If I am not mistaken this is a fairly new new bridge that was built after the original bridge was hit by a large ship.

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  1. You just have to wait for the weather window!