Wednesday, January 16, 2013

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the nicest towns we have visited so far. We are docked at the city marina and it is a great location. This town has their act together. They really cater to the visitor as well as their residents. Right outside the marina is a loop trolley that will bring you around the entire downtown area on a narrated tour for just 50 cents. There is another trolley that will bring you all the way to the gulf beaches for a mere $2.50. There are several museums. We visited the Holocaust Museum and the Dali Museum. The Dali Museum has 2,500 pieces donated by Reynolds and Eleanor Morse. The first piece we saw was originally purchase from Dali for $1,800 it is now worth around 18 million. The museum is built to withstand a category 5 hurricane. Dali's art is more than looking at a picture. He was a genius at telling a story and incorporating optical illusions within many of his paintings. He started painting at the age of 6. He adored his wife and, as Herschfeld who would incorporate his daughter's name in his illustrations, Dali would have his wife Gala in many of his.
The Holocaust museum was one of the best I have seen, with videos of survivors stories and many artifacts. They even had one of the train cars used to transport the detainees. A very well done depiction of terrible times that we must not forget, so that it does not happen again.
Below are three pictures: A bench made Dali style with Jess posing in the photo, one is showing the outside of the Dali Museum and the third is an unfortunate Curious George that jumped ship.

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