Thursday, October 17, 2013

All set and ready to go

Well it is now Thursday and all our plans have been set in motion and we can actually start our cruise. The logistics can be time consuming and definitely keep the old gray matter working. We are traveling with Dun & Becky Smith so we have two boats. We trailered the boats to Urbanna, VA and launched them there on Tuesday. We set and loaded up the boats with provisions. The next morning Dun and I left early in the morning and drove to Savannah, GA with the trailers. We left both trailers and Dun's truck in Savannah and then drove back in my truck.. When we get back to Savannah by boat we will be leaving Illusions on the trailer until after Christmas and we will ride back with Dun and Becky in their truck back to Urbanna and we will then drive back to Connecticut from there. If Abbott and Costello were still alive they would have loved this skit. 
The ladies enjoyed their time on the boats without the captains. We had a strong feeling that we could have been gone a week and not missed! It seemed that everyone in town as well as in the marina knew Jess & Becky! I wouldn't be surprised if there is a big Bon Voyage party tomorrow.

All set in our slip

Crabs and Whiskey, life is good!

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