Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Exciting Day

Since our last post we have traveled south towards out destination of Savannah. We stopped over in Oriental and Beaufort, both nice small quaint North Carolina port towns. Beaufort had the most charm with small historic homes that were owned by many a ship's captain. Blackbeard spent some time here. This section of the Atlantic is called the largest ship graveyard of the world because of the many moving shoals that have claimed many a ship. We actually ran aground ourselves. We were fortunate to have a rising tide and traveling with our friends Dun & Becky. We were able to run a line to their boat and have them pull us off. So that was a bit exciting for a while. We also passed through Camp LeJune and you could hear them doing artillery practice in the distance. The place was somewhat in a buzz. We could see them doing touch and go's with helicopters and an osprey. We could hear a navy aircraft carrier warning pleasure craft to stay a one mile distance as they were doing aircraft recovery maneuvers. The coast guard had a boat patrolling the waters and was helping another sailboat that had gone aground. 
After a long day of traveling about 70 miles we anchored out in a cove by the figure eight bridge, which connects to, where else, Figure Eight Island. Snacks, wine and dinner was the order for the night. Our guests the porposes came and gave us a welcoming show as did a local fisherman who came by to chat and even gave us some of his meager catch to cook and eat as an appetizer. It really can't get much better than this!

The Osprey in action

All set for dinner on the hook

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