Monday, October 28, 2013

Southward Bound

We left Elizabeth City rather early for a long day of cruising. We crossed Albemarle Sound just after sunrise. Albemarle Sound is long and shallow. Any winds can turn it up with steep close waves, so no wind is a blessing. We entered the Alligator River just after noon and made our way to Upper Dowry Creek. We arrived at our anchorage around 4:30 pm. It was a beautiful spot. The waters were calm with a light wind blowing from the west. Once we set anchor, trawlers and sailboats started coming in to rest for the night. We are fortunate to have a shallow draft so we are able to get closer to shore for more protection. As the sun set you could see the silhouetts of the tall masts from the sailboats in the distance. There were thirteen of us anchored out. Once the sun fell over the horizon you could see the twinkling anchor lights among the millions of stars. Dinner was made and the wine flowed. As we settled in for the night the heater was put on to low to get the chill out of the air. All the evening duties were done and into the v-berth we went. Once settled in you are lulled to sleep by the gentle waters lapping against the hull and after a good nights sleep you are ready for the next day. 

Plants take every opportunity to grow. This guy was growing out of the piling where we were docked in Elizabeth City. A spider took the opportunity to make his home there as well!

Sunrise before launching in the morning from Elizabeth City. 

The devil sisters in their 3-D garb

We want wine!!! Here we are, Becky, Dun and I, anchored out at Upper Dowry Creek. 

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