Thursday, October 24, 2013

Out of the Swamp

Today we left the visitors center at 10:00 am for a short ride to the bascule bridge that would not open until 11:00am, which coincides with the lock opening so we can exit the Swamp. The trip down after the lock was very enjoyable and pretty. As we were entering Elizabeth City we were stopped by the Coast Guard for a boarding inspection. I always get a voluntary inspection by the Auxilary Coast Guard and all I had to do was point to my compliance sticker and they said I was good to go, so off we went. The docks at the city marina are free. No water or electric, but it is more convenient than anchoring out and having to dingy in. The town people are very welcoming and they even threw a group of us a welcoming party with food and drink. Now you can't beat that, free dock, food and drink. The winds may kick up tonight so we may have to stay another day. If this place is anything like the town in "Ground Hog Day" (and it sure looks like it) we may get another welcoming party! 
As we waited at the bridge we put our name on the fender wall along with some other passerbyers. Ours  is the small one second from the top.

This was the lock at the beginning of our entry. Notice the wall, we are about 8 feet below the top.

Here is a picture at the other lock down stream, notice we are at the top of the wall. Now they have to lower us.

Here we are riding down the River towards Elizabeth City. You really can't see it in the picture, but many of the trees have mistletoe growing in them.

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