Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another day in Stuart, FL

A bit of a lazy day. We had our dear friend Yvonne and her friend visit us and we had lunch at Shrimper's. Stuart had a Seafood Festival going on so after lunch we went over to take a look. Your typical fair, people selling the stuff they made and some guy playing his Indian pan  flute music and selling his CD's. You had your choice of fried food, cotton candy and beer. You could also buy your favorite liquor bottle turned into a candle. You could even buy a hat  made out of honeycomb cardboard! Jess considered entering the Miss Mermaid Beauty Pageant, but I reminded her that it was Miss, not Mrs. so she wasn't eligible. I think I got points for that!

Yvonne in her cardboard hat. Don't get caught in the rain!

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