Monday, January 23, 2012

Day one

We arrived in Ft. Pierce FL at noon and after two and a half days on the road it was time to get into action. We unloaded everything from the truck and into Illusions. Man do we have a lot of stuff! We launched easily, but the current and the wind gave us a little issue backing out of the launch. Our helpful citizen made matters worse when he thought he was helping. Once I told him to just let the lines go we were able to back out and go on our extremely short cruise of one mile to Harbortown Marina. Today we will spend washing up the outside from bugs and dirt that gathered from the road trip and then some more organizing and getting a few more supplies. We will be here until 01/27. We leave that morning and will head to Stuart. For our northern friends the Temperature currently is 61 and will reach 79 today! It sure is easy to shovel all this sunshine.

1 comment:

  1. Wow no snow there, your really missing the snow and the snowblower activity up north. Did you come into the marina right off the creek or up through the anchorage near the bridge. Active captain shows an obstruction at the entrance right off the creek