Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Indiantown FL

Captain Jess working the canal

Running down the Saint Lucy
Today was only a 20 mile trip, but it took longer than anticipated. We went under two railroad bridges and wouldn't you know it, trains had to cross, so needless to say we had to wait. We also went through the Saint Lucy Lock. We have been through locks before in New York, but this was a slightly different scenario. In NY they pump the water in and out via valves that bring the water in and out through the bottom of the lock. Here they actually crack the door open a bit to either fill or empty the lock. It takes considerably longer than the NY way. It was about an hour to get through the lock because they were emptying it for a east bound barge and then they had to fill it for us going westbound.
Indiantown marina is about an hour out of town. We were not able to make it to the famous Seminole Inn because they only serve lunch from noon to two and our train and lock situation took too much time. However Dee-Stefanos restaurant picked us up and drove us to town to eat at their restaurant. Great food and friendly people. Tonight Jess does laundry as I do this blog, our log book entries and plot tomorrows trip. When you are in a canal it is hard to get lost, but tomorrow we cross Lake Okeechobee and you need to be careful of staying inside the marked channel otherwise you can go aground. You need to look forward and behind to make sure you are tracking correctly. Well, that's it for now. Will report tomorrow on our crossing and stay at Roland Martin's Marina. Everybody keeps telling us to say high to "Little Man" can't wait to see him. Either he is real short or real tall, no one would say.
No bagels just one big lock

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