Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leaving for Indiantown

Lunch with Madeline & John

Yesterday we met up with John & Madeline Contegni and had a wonderful lunch at a place called the Prawnbroker, a very nice place with lots of atmosphere. Crunchy grouper was superb. We got back to the dock and I planned today’s trip to Indiantown. It won’t be a long trip, only 17 miles. It will be our stop before the big crossing of Okeechobee. I will report on Indian town on my next post. Indiantown has quite a history. The Duke and Duchess of Winsor spent their honeymoon there.

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  1. We were beginning to think something had happened to Jess. Either the waitress took the picture or the bridge to the self timer has been crossed. The pictures are great, going into the back country keep an eye out for gators. At night there eyes show up pink if you shine a light on them. If you see any indians pictures please. D.D.