Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leaving for Stuart

Tomorrow we leave for Stuart. It is only 20 miles south, but this will be the entranceway to the St. Lucie River that will take us to Lake Okeechobee. Ft. Pierce is not one of your fancy towns. It is obvious that they have their socioeconomic problems, but we feel pretty safe at the marina. We visited the Botanical gardens and saw their new Bonsai display. Jess loves those little guys.
We also went to the Manatee Center and saw a couple of manatee slurping the fresh water running into the canal. Those guys just love to drink fresh water and will drink gallons of it at a time when it is available. We actually have two mothers and two calves hanging out near our boat. Not much too really to look at. They look like big fat baked potatoes that just lay there and stick their nose out of the water to breath.
Today we went to the Navy Seal Museum. We found that interesting and learned about their grueling training program and many of their missions starting from WW II. The picture of the boat at the left was on display. It is the one that the seals used to kill the pirates that captured the ship Alabama back in 2009. There were bullet holes in it from when some of the pirates shot at them, pretty   cool, this was a very interesting visit.


  1. Isn't the manatee what turns into a mermaid???

  2. Well, not really That they turn into mermaids. Years ago sailors thought that manatees were mermaids which doesn't say much for what they thought about women. Manatees weighs 1,000 pounds and look like huge baked potatoes floating in the water. Actually, by the end of this trip, I just may look like that!