Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Clewiston

Hey man where did the land go!
We started out early today and left at 8:00am. It was a great day to cross the big pond. Lake Okeechobee is the second largest lake in the US. Michigan is the largest. We opted to go on Route 1, which is through the center of the lake. The rim route would have been a bit longer and it can get a bit shallow in spots so we went the conservative route. We went through two locks, which were a piece of cake today. The Port Mayaca Lock was only about a 1 foot lift and Clewiston was open in and out, so I wouldn't even say we locked through. We are staying at Roland Martin's Marina. Not bad, but I haven't really gotten around to see the facilities yet. The dock hand is called "Little Man" he is a very petite guy and a real busy body. Whatever you are talking about with someone he manages to enter the conversation.

Screw the Geiko my insurance is better

We saw a huge iguana today on the bank across from us. Another Ranger Tug pulled in behind us and they are spending the night as well, but they are heading east. They have a slip in Ft. Myers and said we can use it when passing through and we will definitely take advantage of that. Tomorrow we head to Lebelle and we are told that the wild life on this portion will be great. Today our Ranger friends said they saw a 15 foot alligator on the bank. I guess no jumping off the swim platform tomorrow!

One big ass lock door!

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