Thursday, March 29, 2012

All good things come to an end.

Last Sunday we took a 20 mile cruise to Tarpon Basin through the Marvin D. Adams waterway. This waterway has an interesting history. It is a manmade cut made by Marvin as part of his development plans. You can read this interesting story at .
Today is our last day of boating and being in the Keys. We hate to go!
The day will be spent getting ready for the motor trip home and getting my last conch soup at the Key Largo Fisheries. The Pilot House Marina was a great spot to stay and even a great spot to stop by when in the Keys. Their restaurant has great food and music as well as a reasonably priced broad menu.
We learned a lot on this trip and discovered that we should use the trailering ability of the boat to our advantage.  By trailering to places you can then set up a home base for a couple of weeks and do cruising from there. Staying in a marina for a week or more has considerable slip fee savings and a month is even better.  Also being at a marina with truck and trailer gives you a vehicle which also works out nicely. So next year we will plan three or four major stops with trailering in between.
Well folks this is the end of Florida Cruise 2012.
See you next year!

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  1. Hey Mike and Jess, this is a great blog. As you know I kept my Ranger R25 at Pilot House on the rack, having it put in the water for a week or so when I could visit the Keys from my home/work in New England. On the subject of trailering (we all spend effort figuring "base camp" to leave the trailer and truck) consider that Pilot House owns a trailer storage lot about 7 miles south. As part of my monthly storage and dockage usage agreement they let me rent trailer storage for $25/month, so I suspect they would be reasonable for anyone coming for a few weeks wanting to use PH as a base. They can use straps on their fork lift to take your boat off the trailer and stick it in the water, saving you dunking the trailer in salt water as well. Great place as you say.