Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yes, still in Marathon

Now that is what I would call a family tree!

Yes, we are still in Marathon. The winds have not been friendly to traveling. We could have left, but who wants to get banged around. Marathon is an interesting place with an eclectic group of people that range from the very poor with all their belongings on a bicycle to the very wealthy in nice homes with gated communities.  Many Cubans live here and their culture from home still abounds.  We stopped in a little tiny restaurant that had only 4 tables. The owner made us a dish of all of the varieties of food he had to offer, fried plantains and bananas, yucca, ribs, chicken, beans and rice and a sautéed ground beef dish. The weather and environment can easily lead one to become complacent with an attitude of, “if we don’t get to it today, there is always tomorrow”.

We anticipate leaving here Sunday and heading directly to Key West. The winds should be much more favorable by then, but who knows.  And if not Sunday, then there is always tomorrow!

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