Saturday, March 3, 2012

Still in Marathon

Lobster anyone?
Well, my oil pressure issue is resolved. It turned out to be a bad pin connection in the wire harness. Give me  the good old days with mechanical gauges and glow plugs. Computers are better off in other applications, not on boats!

Jess goes swimming with the dolphins. More like dancing!

We were going to leave this morning, but winds did not look favorable and we may stay in Marathon a few more days. This place is great as are the people that live here. Last night they had a big going away party for us. When I told them we were staying a few more days they said great, we can have another going away party. I think around here any reason is good to have a party. Stay tuned!

Jess went dancing with Rich as well!

Mermaids on noodles.

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  1. You have been in Marathon so long I don't even think your boat motor even runs anymore.