Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still having fun

Orchid at Largo Lodge

Well, it has been about 4 days since I last signed in and we have been having a ball. Our friends Becky and Dun joined us in Key Largo and the Deems, Ginny and Dave,  are still with us at the slip next to us at the Pilot House Marina. The winds have been unrelenting, so it was a good choice to stay here for the remainder of the trip. Dave went with me today to pick up the truck and trailer at Fort Pierce. We left at 4:30 am to beat the Miami traffic there and back. We were back at Key Largo by 11:30am. We did catch a brief break from the wind the other day and went out to Mosquito Bank Reef and did some snorkeling. Perhaps next time I will bring scuba gear and do a full fledge dive. I actually waited on the boat as safety in case there were any problems with those in the water. They saw a huge turtle and numerous fish around the reef as well as various types of coral. 
Our air conditioner on the boat seemed to be struggling a bit so I called the factory and they will be sending out a technician. They suspect that the pump is not large enough to cool the coils, so they are going to install a larger pump. Stay tuned, more to come.

Beck ready for the plunge!

Always time for a manicure even when you're Keyzie.

Lucy goes for a swim. Lucy is the dog.

More orchids

Reef Marker

The noodle snorkler

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