Saturday, March 17, 2012

Boggie & Bacall

This is a seafood facility across from us. The freshest fish can
bought here straight off the boats. They also prepare meals.
One of the best tasting meals the whole trip.

Well we made it to Key Largo. We have stayed in Key Largo before as landlubbers, but now arrived by water. The trip up from Marathon to Key Largo was half good seas and half of more pounding, but we endured and made it. As we enter the last 2 weeks of our trip we can’t believe it is almost over. We have decided that we may make this our last stop. We like it here and the remainder of the trip up from Miami to Ft. Pierce is going through some pretty populated areas so we will give that up for a good time in the Keys. We have learned a lot of things on this trip and I will share them on the next post. For now we will enjoy the next two weeks here and relax and do some day trips out on the reefs and perhaps fish and snorkel, drink and eat and other tuff jobs like that.

The cormorants seem to be a little smarter than the crew of ILLUSIONS.

We are staying at the Pilot House Marina. This is another enjoyable marina with good service, nice staff and friendly visitors.
On Wednesday I will rent a car and drive up to Ft. Pierce to pick up the truck and trailer and return to Key Largo where we will pull Illusions at the end of the month.
I will be making a few more posts until then.

A view of the marina from our boat.

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