Monday, February 6, 2012

Arrived at FT. Myer's

A Rialto Harbor Rooster takes
a liking to Eggbert


Our friendly porpoise flipping
in the distance.

Last night's dinner, Steak,
Brussel sprouts and quinoa

Well today we arrived at Ft. Myer’s Beach at Moss Marina. We have met up with 10 other tugs and will be staying here at least 4 days, probably longer. I am having an issue with my oil pressure and hopefully it is only the sending unit and not an actual pressure problem. The repair shop said they will try to get to us by Wednesday. Oh, well, time is on our side so if we stay longer it won’t matter. Last night we stayed at a slip for free, which was provided by Tug friends we made in Clewiston. Today was a 27 mile trip to our destination and the official end of being on the Okeechobee waterway. That was a fun experience with the Rialto Harbor Docks being a real jewel. On our way here we came upon a playful porpoise that followed us a bit and then did a little show for us. Jess to a picture, but you need to know it was a porpoise.

I paid $47.00 for a fishing License
and this is what I get!


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  1. I think we would like to get some pictures of your fellow Tugnuts and Tugnutettes. They can't all be in the witness protection program,or can they? How about a picture of the diesel mechanic? Your killing me not posting regularly!Didn't we talk about this?

    D.D. the fishing technician