Thursday, February 23, 2012

Left Goodland

Parrot chairs, everybody needs one so we bought one for the boat

Trophy wife welcoming all to Goodland!

We are outside of Everglades City in a channel off of the Barron River. We went into the town and had lunch at City Seafood and originally were going to stay tied to their dock. It was so beautiful coming in and we saw this anchorage so we decided to launch off after lunch and come here. There are a few boats here, but not many. This is our first official night anchoring out on this trip. We will also be anchoring out tomorrow night in Little Shark River, which is about 37 nautical miles from here. We are well stocked with food, water and fuel so we are golden. I have checked the weather several times and it looks like we will be good for the rest of the trip to Lower Matecombe Key where we plan on staying for about a week before heading up north to Key Largo.

Your hair does get long when on a boat for a while.

Sunset in Goodland

Your nose grows also!

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