Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sanibel Island, FL

Well, we spent 2 days on Sanibel Island. What a nice place! We rode bikes for about 15 miles and went to Ding Darling preserve. There is a great trail that you can do by bike, walking or car and stop along the way. You can fish, picnic and do some birding along the way. We saw white pelicans and saw a guy catch a huge trout. You could probably spend a day or two just meandering around the water ways in a dingy. We also met a group of people that are from Newtown and had dinner with them at a restaurant called Traders. Traffic around here during the day was bumper to bumper, bikes are definitely a good means of transportation.

Two tugs on the canal, mirror image!
 We were fortunate to get an invitation from another Tugnutter and use their dock while here, so docking was free, so you can't beat that! Today we start heading south and will be at Pelican Yacht Club at Wiggins Pass.

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