Friday, February 3, 2012

A little bit of paradise

Me with "Little Man" in Roland Martin's Marina.
The Best Dock hand in the world.

Egret on in the brush while
on the waterway.

We are in Alva, FL. Our trip from Clewiston brought us through two locks and a Railroad Bridge and plenty of wildernesses. Originally we were going to stay in Labelle, but there is little choice to dock or anchor and the town docks are not the greatest, so we decided to push on to Alva and found a beauty.
 We are at the Rialto Harbor Docks.  Go to their website for complete details,  This is an absolutely lovely place located on 12 acres with a pool, tennis courts and other amenities. They will drive you back and forth to town and tonight they are bringing all the guests on a cocktail cruise, BYOB. It is a little pricy at $2.50 per foot with a 30 foot minimum. They bring you a newspaper and flowers in the morning right to your door. We will stay here for a couple of days. I will do a little fresh water fishing and we will do a bit of exploring in town.

On the Docks at Alva.

Waiting for the looooong train to pass.

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