Friday, February 10, 2012

Ft. Myers Beach Florida

The Casino Boat for those who want
to gamble off shore

Sitting on the dock in the bay,
eating shrimp that is cooked just my way!
We have been in Ft. Myers Beach since Monday. We came in with a little engine problem of low oil pressure at idle. It turns out that the oil specified in the manual was too light for this warm Florida weather. So with an oil change the problem was resolved. We also had a Ranger tug Rendezvous and about 10 Tugs showed up at various times. It is always great getting together with other Tug owners and seeing what they did in their tugs as well as helping each other out fixing little things here and there. Last night me and one of the other Tugnutters got into a dingy and made our way over to the shrimp boats. We bought shrimp and each of us made different dishes and we had a feast on the docks by our boats. We have decided to stay here until Monday and then shove off and take a short hop to Sanibel Island for a couple of days.
When boating there is always something
to fix or figure out!

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