Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Naples to Goodland

At the dock in Naples

We left Naples today after 6 days at the City Docks. Naples is a city with a lot of history and a lot of big homes. They even have their own Fifth Avenue with a bank or financial company on every block. I saw more Rolls Royces here than I have seen in Manhattan. The restaurants can be pricy, but the food is good. We went to a farmers market early one morning and picked up some nice produce and avoided the Danishes and cakes. We rode our bikes to get groceries and some supplies; another 15 miles on the bikes in one day. When you shop by bike you are very selective as to what you buy and how heavy it is. Ever carry a 6 pack, eggs and wine on a bike? Sounds very nourishing, doesn’t it?

Just another Naples home, unbelievable

We took the inner route and avoided the Gulf because we thought it would be more scenic and it was. It is always nice to travel through the backcountry and see the wild life. The waters back there can get pretty shallow, even at high tide. I stayed well within the narrow channels and followed the local boats to make sure we didn’t get into trouble. We saw one guy in a fairly large boat stuck and the tide was going out. I felt sorry for him, but new better not to help otherwise I would be stuck there with him. It looked like Sea Tow was on the way so I felt better.  Tonight we are at Calusa Island Marina in Goodland, a beautiful spot with walkways through the mangroves. The owner was going into town and offered to take us to the grocery store. So this time I got two 6 packs, 4 bottles of wine and Clousen Pickles. We did get a few other things, but after the wine and beer I can’t remember!

Typical osprey nest on top of
a channel marker

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